Irish Gaelic Sayings
Irish Gaelic Sayings
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Introducing Yourself in Irish Language


Munster Dia dhuitjee-ah gwit
Ulster Dia duitjee-ah ditch
Connacht Dia dhuitjee-ah gwit

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Literally "God be with you"

Hello (reply)

Munster Dia is Muire dhuitjee-ah iss mwir-ah gwit
Ulster Dia is Muire duitjee-ah iss mwir-ah ditch
Connacht Dia is Muire dhuitjee-ah iss mwir-ah gwit

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Response to "Dia dhuit". Literally means "God and Mary be with you"

What is your name?

Munster Cad is ainm duit?cod iss an-um dit?

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My name is Seán
Seán is ainm dom

And you?
Agus tusa?

Do you speak Irish?
An bhfuil Gaeilge agat?

Do you speak French?
An bhfuil Fraincís agat?

I have a couple of words = I can speak a little.
Tá cúpla focal agam.

How are you?
Conas atá tú?

I'm OK.
Tá mé ceart go leor.

I'm not getting on well
Tá ag éirí go dona liom

I'm angry
Tá fearg orm


Bye for now
Slán go fóill

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