Irish Gaelic Sayings
Irish Gaelic Sayings
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Irish Dialects

An overview of dialects

As you may or may not know, there are three main Irish Gaelic dialects:

  • Munster dialect (south of Ireland, such as counties Kerry, Cork and Waterford)
  • Connacht dialect (Connemara and Aran Islands in the west of Ireland - both in County Galway, and County Mayo)
  • Ulster dialect (north of Ireland, such as Donegal and Belfast)

Now and Then on

Originally, the only pronunciation featured on was the Munster dialect. Now we have recordings by native speakers of all three dialects. Please note that all phrases are recorded in Munster and Connacht dialects, and half are also available in Ulster.

How different are the dialects?

On, you may only hear a slight difference of pronunciation between both speakers. For single words this is true, but the dialects can differ in their word and phrase selection, and there are even some grammatical differences. Given the existance of national Irish language radio (Radio na Gaeltachta - opens in a new window) and Irish language television station (TG4 - opens in a new window), speakers across Ireland can mostly understand eachother. However, quickly-spoken conversation in another dialect may be difficult at times to understand.

Which dialect is the proper dialect?

None and all of them! It doesn't matter which dialect you learn or use, you'll be understood by any Irish speaker.

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